Mother's Day DIY

Mother's Day DIY

Posted by Curry S. on Jan 28th 2020

Wow Mom with some sparkle this Mother's Day! Show mom she gleams like gold with these hand-made gilded cards. This project is perfect for kids (with some supervision). Add a gift card to her favorite store, and you’ll be sure to put a smile on mom’s face.

What you’ll need:

Small foam brush

Soft brush

Pacon Fadeless Art Paper

Glue Stick

Sepp Gilding Workshop Water-Based Gilding Size

SGW Imitation Gold Leaf & Variegated Green Leaf (one book each)

Using one piece of paper as your card backing, cut, roll and glue your paper blossoms as desired. Make sure your center flower is rolled and folded to have a pocket that can hold a gift card when pressed onto the paper.

Apply the SGW gilding size and wait for it to turn from milky-white to clear and glossy. When it has come to full tack it will feel dry but sticky. To test it out, you can take your knuckle and drag it along the size, if it is resistant and you hear a squeak; you're good to go!

Gently press the Imitation Gold Leaf onto the sized areas. You can use a soft brush to get rid of excess leaf. Tuck your gift card into your gilded flower! Make sure to save your flakes in a safe place for another project.

Happy Mother's Day!

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