Featured Artist - Elvira M. Dayel

Featured Artist - Elvira M. Dayel

Posted by Bailey Pollack on Jun 17th 2016

Elvira M. Dayel is a multi-media, multi-talented artist who has also trained as a biologist and architect, based in San Francisco. We asked her a few questions about her art, inspiration and studio groove.

How has your practice changed over time?

It's always changing, evolving, devolving. There are many, many ideas that I'd like to pursue and all at the same time. There is never lack of inspiration or downtime. One limiting factor is my friend and enemy - and that is TIME.   

Do you have a favorite artist or piece of art?

I do, there are many artists whom I respect very much and whose work really inspires me. Two living artists whose work is very different from mine but their soul references the same place: Anselm Kiefer & Robert Longo. And two "dead" artists whose work speaks to me: Zaha Hadid (contemporary artist/architect, who recently passed away) and Gian Lorenzo Bernini (Renaissance sculptor)!

What inspires you?

Complexity, conflict, things/situations that are mutually exclusive and stand in opposition.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

"While your eyes fear, your hands keep on working" (this is a translation of a proverb which my Grandma used to repeat many times a day). For me this has worked on very many levels.

While in the studio Elvira prefers a quiet and calm atmosphere...

I am not a huge music person. When I work, I do it in complete quietude. I immerse into my craft & mind, I often feel as if any other sensory stimulation may get me to ecstasy too soon.

Tell us a good joke?

This is an old one & I like it:

A young artist is having one of his first art shows and a well known art critic is in attendance.

The critic says to the young artist, "Would you like my opinion on your work?"

"Yes," says the artist.

"It's worthless," says the critic.

The artist replies, "I know, but tell me anyway."

Thanks, Elvira!

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