Ampersand Artist Panel Primed Smooth 1.5" Cradled

$13.66 - $43.07
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A Smooth Finish Option for Oil and Acrylic Painters. Ampersand's Artist Panel - Primed Smooth is a high-quality, painting panel coated with an ultra-smooth acid-free acrylic gesso primer. Primed Smooth cradled panels have a semi-absorbent acid-free ground that is excellent for painting in oils, acrylics and water-media but are also amazing with graphite, collage, graphic markers, ink and much more! It’s also perfectly suited for mounting papers, photos, giclées and canvas.These panels are completely primed on the surface and sides — perfect for wrapping your images around the panel's edge without the extra prep work! These wood panels will not give, bend or flex.

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