Montana EFFECT Nightglow Spray is a high pressure, high grade, nitro-acrylic spray paint that contains luminescent pigments that absorb and store light particles, then emit glowing light in total darkness.

The time the paint emits light varies and is subject to the intensity and length of exposure to light (charging) as well as the amount of paint applied. The highest emission of light occurs immediately after charging. For optimal glow, it is recommended to apply multiple layers on primed substrates. For priming, we recommend Montana GOLD Shock White to achieve the most intense glow effect.

Nightglow Spray can be used on smooth, rough, and primed surfaces like metal, wood, hard plastics, primed carton, walls, and more. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Available in Luminescent Green in a 400ml can.

Note: This is considered a hazardous item and can only be shipped via ground service within the 48 contiguous states. To prevent spraying during shipping, cans are packaged with a black plastic safety washer under the nozzle. This washer must be removed before the cans will spray.

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