Pacon Plast'r Craft Plaster Strips are plaster impregnated gauze that come in a fan-folded package. The gauze band is 6" wide and the continuous fan-fold packing allows for ease-of-use and handling. Just cut to desired lengths, wet strips, and mold around a base shape. Plaster Craft adheres to itself or any porous material. After it dries, sand smooth and paint.

Available in convenient 5 lb or 20 lb packages and includes instructions.


  • To work with Pacon Plast'r Craft Plaster Strips, you'll need scissors and a container of water (cool water will slow the set time, while warm water will accelerate it).
  • Cut shapes to fit your project.
  • Wet each strip, one at a time, wringing out excess water for faster setting time.
  • Setting time is about 15 minutes. Air dry 24 hours. Less time is needed for smaller projects. Drying time can be accelerated in oven on foil at 200 degrees for 15 minutes or microwave on a paper plate on high 5-6 minutes turning every 2 minutes. Cool completely.
  • When project is completely dry, you can paint with oils, enamels, acrylics, or latex. If tempera or poster paints are used, add glue sizing and a shellac finish when dry.

*Please note: All plaster products generate heat during the set reaction, always wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after use.

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