Montana GOLD Spray Paints are low-pressure, premium quality professional spray paints. Through the expertise gathered from working with world-renowned graffiti artists, Montana GOLD has been formulated to be a flexible, non-bleaching aerosol paint that is easy to apply with exceptional accuracy for any skill level. It is quick-drying, high-covering, and able to adhere to most surfaces, such as canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass, and even flexible surfaces. If you are a professional artist, hobbyist, or DIY spray paint user, Montana GOLD is the optimal spray paint for your creative endeavors!

Montana GOLD Transparent Color Spray Paints enable users to achieve greater visual depth and tonal variation. Also perfect in combination with colors close to the transparent tone, to achieve simple or complex gradient shifts and give dimension. Apply thinly or in multiple layers for perfect fading or shadows.

Available in 400ml cans.

In combination with various Montana Spray Paint Caps, artists will experience a new era of spray painting possibilities!

Note: This is considered a hazardous item and can only be shipped via ground service within the 48 contiguous states. To prevent spraying during shipping, cans are packaged with a black plastic safety washer under the nozzle. This washer must be removed before the cans will spray.

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