Intricate macrame designs, bespoke jewelry, personalized scrapbooks, heartfelt greeting cards, decorative gift wrapping, and cozy crochet projects... the possibilities with Hemptique Bamboo Cord are as limitless as your imagination!

Craft with a difference, choose Hemptique and let your sustainable crafting thrive. This cord is a top-tier choice for those who are passionate about sustainable bamboo craft supplies, combining durability, elegance, and environmental friendliness. Each cord strand is delicately waxed and meticulously polished. 

This eco-friendly and multipurpose bamboo cord is lightly polished and soft textured. It is 100% bamboo and is biodegradable, oil-free, and uses AZO-free dye.

Available in 205 ft spools:
  • 15-ply, 50g cord, and approximately 1mm in thickness.
*Due to the manufacturing process, the cord may slightly vary in color and length.
$5.73 - $6.02
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