Beadalon Crimp Tube Pack, Assorted Pack Size 2, 600 Pieces.

  • Convenience: Beadalon Crimp Tube Variety Pack is a must-have for jewelry designers and makers.

  • An assortment of crimp bead colors are conveniently stored in individually labeled glass vial containers.

  • Quantity: The Variety Pack includes 4 Crimp Tube colors: Silver: 150 pcs, Gold: 150 pcs, Copper: 150 pcs, Hematite: 150 pcs.

  • Size: Crimp Tube Size #2 - 1.

  • 3mm, and inside diamater is .

  • 070 inches.

  • Use with Beadalon Bead Stringing wire .

  • 024-.

  • 026 diameter.

  • How to use: To properly secure crimps on beading wire, use the correct size crimp tool.

  • Crimp Size #2 - Use Beadalon Standard Crimp Tool.

  • Quality: High quality base metal crimps with a silver, gold, copper and hematite color plating offer a secure and professional finish for all types of jewelry designs like necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings and all other craft, hobby or home decor that requires securing wire.

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