Murals, Graffiti, & Spray Paint! Oh My!

Posted by Ghost Writer on May 20th 2016

Murals, Graffiti, & Spray Paint! Oh My!

Remember when you were a kid and used chalk to decorate your driveway or the street outside your house?

Sometimes we just made giant tic-tac-toe boards or hopscotch squares that were so big we could barely jump from one to the next. 

Well, “street art” has certainly evolved since then. There are beautiful murals being created around the world by some of the most talented and creative artists of our time. Artists are even being commissioned to put their designs in various locations throughout cities. The sides of buildings have never looked so amazing, and we’re loving it!

Most of this fantastic work is created using various methods of spray painting, changing nibs to allow for different spraying effects, applying special primers and glosses, and of course, one heck of a creative mind!

This month, we’re celebrating these wonderful artists by offering our entire Montana Gold Spray Paint series for only $6.99/can. With hundreds of colors to choose from, we can’t wait to see what masterful creations can come to life.

Order your Montana supplies online or check out your local A&C store.

When your masterpiece is complete, be sure to send us some pictures by posting them on our official Facebook page or using the hashtag #artistcraftsmansupply.

For all things inspirational about Montana Spray Paints, be sure to checkout their official blog.