DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Posted by Curry S. on Jan 23rd 2020

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Accessorize plain walls with this minimalist design. These simple DIY yarn-tapestries dress up any room they’re in. You can make it as big or as small as you’d like, use multiple colors or keep it to one. Add beads, braids, or tassels; the options are endless! This will make the perfect housewarming gift, add warmth to a nursery, and can make a dorm room feel like home.




A stick, a piece of driftwood, or doily

Unravel your yarn from its cast and cut it, organize into piles (if using multiple colors) and keep it all the same length.

Leaving room on both ends of the stick/doily, take two-three pieces of yarn and loop over, securing into place with a pull-through knot. Continue doing this in pattern of your choice, until the stick is fully covered with yarn.

Tape both ends of your stick to a flat surface. Once secured, begin to braid/knot etc. the yarn in a pattern of your choice.

Take a piece of string (length of your choice) and tie each end of the string to the ends of the stick you left exposed.

Once finished, secure the tapestry on a wall. Take your scissors and cut diagonally from middle to outer edge on each side. Repeat on other side.

This DIY was adapted from this tutorial by Søstrene Grene!

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