A&C Art Scene: The Southern

Posted by Bailey Pollack on Jun 16th 2016

A&C Art Scene: The Southern

Meet former A&C employee Erin Nathanson who, along with her husband, runs a refreshingly beachy gallery space in Charleston, South Carolina.

About Erin:

I began my career in the visual arts by coordinating and curating exhibitions for the City of Charleston's public art space, The City Gallery at Waterfront Park. Following my time with the City of Charleston, I was hired to create the foundation for ArtFields, a visual arts festival and competition presenting over 400 Southern artists throughout the historic downtown of Lake City, SC. And began my working relationship with <a href="http://www.artistcraftsman.com/artist-&-craftsman---charleston-(uptown)">Artist & Craftsman Supply Charleston</a>. I was fortunate enough to already know artists and managers Hirona Matsuda and Trever Webster. They took me in and gave me a world of knowledge of the inner-workings of an artist's process. I was able to speak with artists during the conception of projects and learn about all the different media available in the store. This time as an associate remains invaluable to me. My ultimate goal was to open a contemporary art gallery and my family at the store was with me every step of the way - encouraging me and giving me time to work on outside projects - providing a positive workspace to thrive in. I will always be connected with the crew in Charleston and look forward to many collaborations in the future.

About The Southern:

The Southern is owned by wife and husband team, Erin and Justin Nathanson. Built in the late 1980s, the original structure has undergone a complete renovation to meet professional, museum-quality standards for exhibiting artwork. The space is a curator and artist’s wet dream with a sea of white walls soaring 18 feet in height. Deeply inspired by their travels up and down the coast from Charleston to South Beach, natural vibes have been incorporated into the design with a tropical punch of color and plant-life.

The gallery will present works by living artists who are connected to the American South. New exhibitions are presented every six to seven weeks alongside continuous works on paper and object program.

The works on paper and object program features a small, curated group of artists and rotates every three months adding new artists to the mix. This program enables artists to work more freely with new ideas and provides a public setting for a series in progress. Works on paper will feature all media including painting, photography, collage, mixed media, and drawing. Objects will range from three-dimensional fiber work to hand-painted skateboards. Artist & Craftsman Supply Charleston Uptown's own Camela Guevara is one of our object artists.

knot i by Camela Guevara

To contact The Southern you can visit their website and if you are in the Charleston area, be sure to stop by!

Thank you to Erin for your help!