This Talens Art Creation Acrylic Combiset is the ultimate starter set for those looking to begin their acrylic painting journey!

The set contains everything you need to get started: an acrylic color set of 12 x 12 ml tubes in basic colors to build your palette, a handy table easel, a stretched canvas of 9.45" x 12", two acrylic painting brushes, and a mess-free tear-off palette. It also includes a detailed step-by-step plan so you can easily create your own masterpiece. Taking up painting as a hobby has never been this easy!

Colors include:

  • 105 Titanium White
  • 275 Primary Yellow
  • 270 Azo Yellow Deep
  • 396 Naphthol Red Medium
  • 369 Primary Magenta
  • 504 Ultramarine
  • 572 Primary Cyan
  • 619 Permanent Green Deep
  • 227 Yellow Ochre
  • 411 Burnt Sienna
  • 409 Burnt Umber
  • 701 Ivory Black
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