When Degas moved to Paris, he couldn't find the true-to-life ochres he needed to honestly portray his subjects. So he turned to Sennelier. Sennelier pastels are almost 100% pure pigment, with the barest minimum of binder, for the purest form of expression with color. Made by hand since 1900.Water soluble. See included colors below

Set includes:
Bright Yellow 1
Cobalt Blue 3
Helios Red 1
Hot Brown 1
Ivory Black
Lake Brown 6
Lemon Yellow 3
Madder Carmine 8
Magenta Violet 0
Mummy 4
Naples Yellow 9
Orange Lead 7
Prussian Blue 8
Red Brown 6
Reseda Gray Green 2
Ultramarine Deep 8
Vermilion 3
Viridian 2
Viridian 6

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