These high quality, popular colored pencils are available in more places in the U.S. than any other colored pencil. Colors include primary hues, mid-tones, grays, neons and metallics. They have soft, thick leads, unmatched in brilliance, point strength and blending quality. Their permanent pigments in wax binder resist fading, and due to a special bonding process, they also resist crumbling. The round cedar wood case is finished to match lead color.

Set of 24 includes:
??? Indigo Blue
??? True Blue
??? Cerulean Blue
??? Dark Green
??? Grass Green
??? True Green
??? Apple Green
??? Canary Yellow
??? Orange
??? Poppy Red
??? Crimson Red
??? Pink
??? Violet
??? Violet Blue
??? Black
??? Tuscan Red
??? White
??? Peach
??? Sienna Brown
??? Dark Brown
??? Mulberry
??? Spanish Orange
??? Parma Violet
??? Goldenrod

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