This product boasts only the best pigments and binders to produce a highly concentrated and lightfast paint. An unprecedented color palette and the highest production quality make this a worthy choice.

Available in 40 ml tubes

Old Holland has been making paint since 1664 and they have definitely mastered it with the finest quality paints on the market. Over half of each tube is pure pigment, whereas the usual artist grade paint is only about a fourth; there are few brands that can stand up next to them on a painting. This means that these colors are incredibly vibrant and a little goes a long way. Old Holland is the only major company that makes their paints out of cold pressed linseed oil, which they still grind by windmill; this means that these paints have a stronger, longer lasting paint film. They also produce an astounding palette of colors, which are all very lightfast, for you to choose from. Once you graduate to this level you'll never go back

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