Dorland's Wax Medium is a mixture of waxes and resins to be mixed with oil paint, powdered pigments, powdered metals, colored sands, dyes and other compatible fine art materials. The proportions of medium to pigment depend largely on the characteristics of the pigment and the desire of the artist. Dorland's wax can also be used to coat paintings, seal photos and artwork, and finish frames. This product should not be heated at high temperatures. For more information on how to use Dorland's Wax Medium please check out this instructional sheet from Jacquard. If using more than 1/3 cold wax to 2/3 oil paints, a rigid support such as a wood panel should be used to prevent the painting from cracking on a flexible surface.

This is considered a hazardous item and can only be shipped via ground service within the 48 contiguous states.

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