Holbein Artists' Gouache is more finely ground than other competing products. No whitening agents are added which allows for increased opacity. These paints will always give consistent reliable results without "milking out", darkening or muddiness.

Holbein Artists' Gouache is the traditional and premier formula of watercolor gouache from Japan - rewettable, opaque, vibrant. Holbein adds no opacifiers to their Designer Gouache, so the colors are pure. Because it uses a gum arabic binder, the pigment load is high. A gum arabic solution can hold more pigment than an acrylic emulsion, which is why purists prefer this paint to its acrylic counterpart.

However, Holbein Artists' Gouache is less flexible than an acrylic gouache, so we recommend the heaviest and stiffest paper or board the artist can afford.

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