Featured Artist: Erin Flett

Posted by Bailey Pollack on Sep 1st 2016

Featured Artist: Erin Flett

Erin Flett's designs have been seen in Better Homes & Gardens, Real SimpleFamily Fun and O, The Oprah Magazine (to name a few!). She was recently able to chat with us about her creative process and habits.

Erin was originally drawn to painting and collage, influenced by her mother who is very artistic with an eye for design. She went on to complete her BFA in Graphic & Fine Arts at the University of Kansas and now owns a full-fledged design studio just outside of Portland, Maine. All printing is done by hand right here in Maine with the help of her husband, Maslen.

"Be true to who you are."

Best piece of advice she has ever received? Be true to who you are. Staying true to her process, Erin prefers to let the designs speak for themselves rather than obsess and perfect. When I am doing work, I always leave it undone... leave things untouched and unrefined. I am not one to fuss over this sort of thing. She likes to remove elements or move them around so they don't look exact, ensuring her style remains present within the design.

Erin draws from Abstract Impressionism and the art of Franz Kline for inspiration for her Designs for the Stylish Soul line of pillows, linens, glasses and totes.

You can check out her site and store at erinflett.com.