6-Point Paper Snowflakes

Posted by Becky T. on Nov 12th 2020

6-Point Paper Snowflakes

❄ It's that time of year again! Don't wait in anticipation for the first few snowflakes, create your own with paper! ❄

Most of us know how to make the basic 4 or 8-pointed snowflakes. Follow along with this simple 6-step tutorial to advance your paper snowflake game (to make more "realistic", true-to-nature snowflakes).


  • Paper (this example uses standard white printer paper - 8.5" x 11")
  • Scissors (or an X-Acto knife & cutting board)
  • Optional: Writing Utensil (pencil, pen, crayon, marker, etc.)

Step 1: Make A Triangle

If you are using rectangular paper, start by making a square. Simply fold down one corner so the edges aline and form an isosceles triangle. Trim off the excess strip of paper with scissors and move to Step 2.

Paper already a square? Fold in half diagonally (opposite corners, to form a triangle) and move to Step 2.

Step 2:
Fold Again, Diagonally

Fold your large triangle in half to make a smaller triangle (1/4 of square).

Step 3: Fold In Thirds

This is the most complicated step... imagine your triangle in thirds (shown in the first picture), and then fold the right "third" over (shown in the second picture). If you want to be precise, each "third" in this step is a 30 degree angle.

Repeat with the left side, fold over (shown in third picture). Try to get all of the folds to line up as close as possible for the most symmetrical snowflake.

Step 4: Cut The Top At An Angle
Over halfway there — good job, the rest is easy! 

Flip your paper over and take your scissors and cut the top off at an angle (as shown), making sure you are cutting all layers evenly. This cut will form the points of your snowflake.

Step 5: Design & Cut

Draw a design onto your snowflake, use your imagination! You can do simple triangles on the edges or show your artistic flare with intricate, abstract shapes. Tip: Coloring in or marking the shapes you're planning to remove can make cutting easier.

NOTE: Be careful not to cut all the way from one side to the other, or you'll chop your precious snowflake in half!

Step 5: The Big Reveal

Unfold your snowflake, carefully to avoid ripping, and behold your creation!

Unlike actual snowflakes, these will last much longer. Get them to lay flat by pressing in a book for a few days or iron them in between sheets of paper. Display them with clear tape on your windows or hang around your home with string or invisible fishing line.

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Make 'Em Fancy!

- Try using wrapping paper or Shizen Handmade Paper for a pop of color! Trace a pre-made square onto the non-decorated paper side to make Step 1 easier.

- Make recycled paper snowflakes! Use newspaper, magazines, junk mail, or old sales flyers.

- Save the trimmed paper strip from Step 1 to make mini snowflakes. Great for filling in space when decorating or glue to contrasting paper to make festive gift tags or holiday cards!

This DIY was adapted from Instructables from ReadsInTrees.