Activa La Doll Natural Stone Air Dry Clay is a fine art, white clay made from natural stone. It's wonderful for doll making, sculpturing, carving, stamping, and more! This specialty air dry clay is perfect for fine detail work including ball jointed dolls and figure dolls. It is world renowned as the doll making clay sculpting material of choice.

This clay contains highly refined pumice, talc, small amounts of paper pulp, and additional binders. It requires no kneading and can be worked indefinitely by keeping the clay moist.

When it comes to finishing and drying, Activa La Doll Natural Stone Air Dry Clay has the unique ability to be dissolved in water and used as a finish coat or soaked with paper and cloth to be formed into shapes. It air dries to a white color with minimal shrinkage and accepts acrylic, oil, and water-based or dry finishing powders. It can be drilled, carved, and sanded to a porcelain-like finish.

Available in a 1.1lb brick.

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