Product Spotlight: Thibra Thermoplastic

Posted by Curry S. on Jan 28th 2020

Product Spotlight: Thibra Thermoplastic

Thibra is a thermoplastic sheet material with extraordinary characteristics. Great for detailed, freeform sculpting of accent pieces or complex shapes. Great for small to medium sized projects that require greater fine detail. Perfect for projects that you'd like to heat, reheat and rework multiple times.

All it takes is some heat and a creative imagination to make the most out of Thibra Thermoplastic sheets. Use it to create decorations, fine art, costumes, and more! Thibra is easy to shape, combines well with felt, textile, foam, and more, can be spray painted, printed, and stamped, and is biodegradable and eco-friendly!

Take a look at a few videos below, follow them on Instagram for even more inspiration and share your Thibra creations with us using #ACScommunity! You can find Thibra at your local A&C, or shop online!

How to use stamps to create Thibra decorations:

How to make Thibra shapes using silicone molds:

How to shape Thibra like clay:

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