Get Spooky with Snazaroo!

Get Spooky with Snazaroo!

Posted by Curry S. on Jan 28th 2020

Put the OO in BOO with Snazaroo! Halloween is right around the corner. These face painting tutorials from Snazaroo will look great on you, no matter your age. The only requirement is sitting still for a few minutes!


Mythical creature no more! Let your imagination run wild with this simple unicorn face paint. You're only three steps away from winning "most magical" at that costume party. For this tutorial, you can use the Snazaroo Brush Pen Fantasy Set.

  1. Outline the ears and horn with white paint using a brush, then fill in to create your base.
  2. Outline the white ears and horn with pale yellow, pale green and sparkle lilac. Now create swirls on both cheeks with pale yellow, pale green, sparkle blue, sparkle lilac and fuchsia pink.
  3. Finish outlining the white ears, horn and cheek swirls with fine black detail. Add white highlights and stars with a small brush.

Optional: You can add a touch of glitter to finish the look!

Unicorn Colors: White, Pale Yellow, Pale Green, Sparkle Lilac, Fuchsia pink, Black

Sugar Skull

Celebrate Day of the Dead with this spooky skull design! This easy three-step tutorial will get you ready to ghoul it up any day of the week. For this tutorial, we used the Snazaroo Ultimate Party Pack.

  1. Sponge white over the entire face. Paint thick black circles around the eyes and add a black diamond on the end of the nose. In the middle of the forehead, paint in the black flourish. Then create the ‘stitch’ mouth design.
  2. Add sky blue, bright yellow and grass green teardrops and dots to the sides of the forehead. Outline the eyes in orange.
  3. Add bright red teardrops to the cheeks. Create a bright red and royal blue cobweb design to the chin. Finally, with a fine brush, outline the eyes with black and complete the chin design.

Optional: You can add a touch of glitter to finish the look!

Sugar Skull Colors: White, Black, Sky Blue, Bright Yellow, Grass Green, Orange, Bright Red, Royal Blue


Show off your fiery personality with this simple dragon face paint! For this tutorial we used assorted Snazaroo colors to bring this majestic monster to life.

  1. Paint the dragon shape around the face in bright red and fill in with a sponge.
  2. Outline the bright red with sky blue. With a brush and white paint, create the horns.
  3. Paint the fangs and detail on the cheeks in white. To finish the look, outline the sky blue, the fangs, horns and the pattern on the cheeks with black using a thin brush.

Dragon Colors: Bright Red, Sky Blue, White, Black

To check out more tutorials, head over to the Snazaroo website!

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