Yasutomo Fold'ems Origami Paper, Two-Sided Foil

$4.40 - $5.36
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Made expressly for Origami Art, these 5-7/8" square papers come in 18-sheet packs and feature a brilliant foil appearance. 2 choices- foil on both sides, or foil on one side with a solid color on the other side. Instructions included.

Foil/Solid includes 18 sheets: 3 each of gold/blue, gold/orange, gold/violet, silver/yellow. 2 each of gold/red, silver/green, silver/pink

Foil/Foil includes 18 sheets: 3 each of blue/orange, green/gold, aqua/magenta, lime/violet. 2 each of red/gold, violet/silver, gold/silver