Montana POLYSTYRENE PRIMER is the perfect tool for creating a neutral surface to apply further coatings onto polystyrene and styrofoam based surfaces. Assists in adhesion, maximizes coverage of further coatings, seals porous surfaces and resists against agitation of additional solvent-based coatings when all surface holes are covered. It also increases the durability of polystyrene/ Styrofoam surfaces once coated.

Due to the varied chemical make-up of polystyrene, we suggest trialing on a non-visible area of your material to test for compatibility. Curing time is 24 or more hours, depending on ambient temperature and moisture levels. The Montana POLYSTYRENE PRIMER is a beige/brown colored, matte coating in a Nitro-Combi based composition which achieves a relatively neutral color.

Remember to keep your polystyrene projects away from extreme heat or flames. Ensure all surfaces are completely sealed and air holes closed coated. The rougher and more air holes the substrate has, the more coats of POLYSTYRENE PRIMER required for complete protection against further solvent-based color coatings.

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