Daniel Smith Watercolors, 66 Dot Card

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From the current collection of Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors, you can now try over a quarter of their watercolor collection. This 66 Watercolor Dot Card includes the painting properties for every color with a paintable dot you can try out for yourself.

66 paintable dots introduce you to more than a quarter of the colors in the Extra Fine collection, including 24 dots of PrimaTeks, the entire collection of 12 Quinacridone colors, and all 6 Cadmium Hues. There are also 18 colors from their Luminescent collection; 6 Iridescent, 6 Interferance, 4 Duochrome plus Pearlescent Shimmer and Pearlescent White. To make it an even 66 dots, they've included 6 more of their Extra Fine Watercolors.